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  • Based on insights from 50,000 reports
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Customized benchmarking reports can be very expensive... but not at Deloitte Webshop. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, Deloitte can offer you powerful insights into your industry and competitors at astonishingly low rates. Your reports are generated using real-time data so you will always have the latest information available. The risk reports will benchmark your company's situation against all industries, your own industry and against your competition. Our strategy reports inform you about your revenue growth, your operating margin, asset efficiency, and you will also find an overview of factors that might influence your company's future outlook. You can also get a first impression of your online security with our Security Quickscan to protect your digital environment. Spot the areas that need your attention in the blink of an eye and bring your company to the next level. The Deloitte quality you're used to, just in a different packaging.
  • Industry
    Strategy Report


    Make sure your business is on the right track

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    Special Price Excl. VAT €99.00 Incl. Tax: €119.79

  • Company versus Industry
    Strategy Report

    Company versus Industry

    Strategic insights to stay ahead of the game

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    Special Price Excl. VAT €99.00 Incl. Tax: €119.79

  • Company versus Peers
    Strategy Report

    Company versus Peers

    Use your competition to improve your strategy

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    Special Price Excl. VAT €99.00 Incl. Tax: €119.79

  • Energy & Resources
    Strategy Report

    Energy & Resources

    Your next step? Not wasting any money on this month’s industry report!

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  • Customized reports created with artificial intelligence
  • Based on insights from 50,000 annual reports
  • Uses next-generation analytics
  • Real-time processing
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Discover our Risk Reports
Deloitte Webshop is a new innovative way of consultancy. Our Risk Reports and Strategy Reports are created with the latest artificial intelligence technology to quickly and efficiently search through 50,000 reports, making sure you will get the best insights into your company's needs. We have a dedicated team of international data scientists who are continuously improving our unique technology. The reports are 100% data and insight driven and we only rely on facts. For our Security Quickscan we benefit from the knowledge of the world's best hackers: the five-fold winners of the Cyberlympics. Thanks to their insights we can quickly show you if there are any weak spots in your digital environment and what you can do to solve them. Consultancy can now be done better, faster and easier. Welcome at the Deloitte Webshop.