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Deloitte Webshop

Innovation, dynamic data and thinking outside the box lies in our DNA. We innovate because we want to shape the future and because we think that there’s always more than what meets the eye.

That is how Deloitte Webshop was born. A canny and resourceful international team built the impossible: a unique dynamic data platform. Including the largest company database worldwide in our platform was a great start, but we wanted more.

We wanted to create easy to read fact-based reports for everyone, as this would revolutionize the world we know, the world Deloitte knows. We wanted to offer insights into an almost infinite amount of data but allowing you to draw your own conclusions. We wanted to make data available for everyone in a fast and simple manner. So we did. Data made easy.

Our business risk and strategy reports are a starting point for discussion:

  • Our reports are 100% data and insight driven
  • Our reports are based on information gained from public domain
  • Our reports and insights are based on facts

Our address:
Deloitte Webshop
Wilhelminakade 1
3072 AP Rotterdam
The Netherlands
[email protected]