Security Quickscan


Security Quickscan

Discover security vulnerabilities in your digital environment

Why do I need the Security Quickscan?

Imagine not keeping your online security up to date. Things seem to be going fine for a while until one day you receive the news that your company has been hacked. A hacking scandal can do serious damage to your company. A negative brand reputation, loss of money and loss of existing and future clients are realistic consequences of being hacked. Anyone can be hacked, from small and medium-sized companies to multinationals. Your clients and customers are becoming more and more aware of their online vulnerability and they expect the best possible protection from you. There are many ways to secure your website and this scan offers a first glance at your online security. For just €49 we check various important aspects of your digital environment and provide you with a detailed report of our findings. By increasing your online safety you keep ahead of your competition and gain trust from your customers.

This innovative and customised scan has been developed by our risk experts. The Security Quickscan offers a clear and structured overview of the vulnerabilities your digital environment is currently struggling with. We used the insights of the five time Cyberlympics’ winners to give you the best quality the market has to offer. But don’t worry, we only use public data and no hacking will be involved when we’re checking your website.

What can I expect?

We scan your web environment and IT infrastructure for information that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The report includes 17 different topics divided into 4 main categories:

  • Configuration
    An insecure configuration can lead to vulnerabilities that are accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

  • Connection
    An insecure connection to your website may allow attackers to intercept and manipulate (sensitive) communications.

  • Files
    Obsolete files that are still available via your website can contain technical and sensitive information.

  • Administrative interfaces
    Administrative interfaces that are accessible to anyone with an internet connection can be abused by hackers to obtain access to your online environment.

  • What do I need to do if I’m at risk?

    The report will tell you where vulnerabilities are found and what you can do to solve them. Please note that this scan focuses on a set of well-known vulnerabilities. For a complete security test on your IT environment we are more than happy to help you. Visit us on or contact us directly at [email protected].

    What if I’m not happy with the report?

    As with all products in our online shop, we offer a full refund within 14 days of purchase. For more information, please read our Money Back Guarantee.

    Please note:
    • The domain name of your email address at checkout needs to correspond with the entered web page
    • Redirects of the entered domain are not taken into consideration
    • For a complete overview of your vulnerabilities we advise you to perform a full security test

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    - The domain of your email needs to correspond with the web page
    - Redirects of the entered domain are not taken into consideration
    Excl. VAT €49.00 Incl. Tax: €59.29
    • Average download time = 1 minute
    • Security reports are customised, data and insight driven
    • Based on the insights of the five time Cyberlympics winners / world’s best hackers
    • 100% money back guarantee